Tian Ceramics
210 Whitehall Street
Footscray, VIC 3011

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About Tian Ceramics

The works of Tian Ceramics will satisfy those who seek a special and unique piece of ceramic work full of the rich characters of love, calm, careness and beauty.

Tian Ceramics’ works are mainly ceramic pieces with a useful function from cups to vases. They are art works in themselves, and further their usefulness is the soul which
materialises their existence. Tian Ceramics has a wide range of concepts and continue to celebrate the beauty of nature and life.

About Tian

Tian You is a studio potter, diver and mad nature lover.

Tian continually searches and maximises the distinctive attractions of handmade ceramic functionware. She “seeds” the personality of a pot in the early throwing stages and matures it through until it becomes an independent soul. Asymmetrical shapes, waving rims, comfortable handles, spirals and free hand glazing: these are the hot tools in Tian’s toolbox.

Her lust for perfection determines the high quality of her work. She uses the finest Australian porcelain and stoneware clays with exceptional studio developed glazes. The incorporation of shapes and glazes is the pathway she has chosen to express the inspiration of the beauty of nature, sealife, plants, landscape and ancient visions.

She was born and grew up in China. She moved to Melbourne, Australia when she was 25 years old as a postgraduate student in Landscape Architecture. She knew nothing about clay and glaze until she accidentally booked a wheel throwing hobby class in 2014. From then on, learning, practicing and expanding her ceramic craftsmanship to her has been like swimming in oceans to a shark.